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3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film provides protection where it matters. Defend your vehicle's paint from rock chips, bugs, sand, salt, and other everyday driving hazards with this innovative spray-applied protective product. This DIY product is easy to apply and dries to a clear film, giving your vehicle invisible protection on the road.

close up view of the front end of a car

Invisible Protection for Your Vehicle

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film sprays on anywhere on the car's paint and dries to a clear, durable film for virtually invisible protection. This clear film defends against a range of elements, including love bugs and other airborne insects; gravel, sand and grit in warm-weather climates; winter salt and road grime in cold-weather conditions; and paint chip-causing road debris anywhere.

What's in the Box

  • 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film 17.5 ounces
  • 3M™ Performance Finish Synthetic Wax
  • Simple step-by-step instructions








Durable Defense

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film lasts for one year and protects any painted surface from everyday driving hazards. Insects, rocks, sand and other debris can chip your vehicle's paint, leaving visible flaws to the car's exterior. With 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film, enjoy peace of mind that your vehicle's paint is protected for a year. The Liquid spray dries to an invisible film that is safe for clear coat and removable when desired so that you can keep your car looking newer longer.





Suggested areas to protect

Include the vehicle's leading edge or full hood, front bumper, side mirrors, rear bumper, trunk lid, and rocker panels. Any painted surface can be protected. Below you will see some recommended areas that are considered the "hot spots" on the car that can receive the most damage during normal driving patterns.

Leading Edge = 1 Can, Full Hood = 2 Cans, Front Bumper = 1 Can, Mirrors = 1/4 Can, Rear Bumper = 1 Can, Trunk Lid = 1 Can, Rocker Panels = 1 Can




This easy-to-apply spray on film is also easy to remove. No tools are necessary - just pick an edge with your fingernail followed by peeling the coating from the surface with your hands. And because of the specially formulated spray, 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film won't damage your vehicle's paint or clear coat.

Someone peeling clear film from painted surface of vehicle



This product puts your vehicle's paint protection in your hands. The 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film is designed for just about anyone to use from the convenience of their own home. Products are low in odor and water-based for easy clean-up.

  • The worry-free application is completely clear coat safe and can be easily removed if the desired appearance is not achieved the first time.
  • At the proper thickness of film applied, most of the imperfections will level out with a self-leveling formula that assists in reducing application error.
Someone spraying on 3M Paint Defender to masked off area of vehicle

Spray half of the area at a time. 1/2 of the hood is about 3 feet across. Count off 6 seconds for each pass left, and again for each pass right.

Starting with a freshly cleaned and dried vehicle, apply this product in three easy steps:

  • Mask and Tape: mask and tape the vehicle with 3M™ Paint Defender Application Kit, PN 90200 (sold separately) to frame the surface you want to spray.
  • Wax: using the 1oz packet of 3M™ Performance Finish Synthetic Wax (included) or any automotive wax, to prepare the vehicle by waxing the desired area prior to spraying to make it easier to remove film when desired.
  • Spray: spray the film paying attention to distance, speed and pattern. To make application even easier, use 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Trigger, PN 90201 (sold separately)





Spray Pattern

A total of 3 coats will be applied over the designated area using an alternating pattern (see diagram below). Note the left-to-right passes, then the up-and-down passes that represent coats 1 and 2. Coat 3 will be coated the same as Coat 1. Apply 3 coats to one half of the hood before moving on to the other half. Slightly over lapping these passes as you move down or across the panel will provide even coverage.

Directional spray patterns for applying 3M Paint Defender to painted vehicle surface

Companion Products

Make application even easier with these innovative companion products from 3M™:

  • 3M™ Paint Defender Application Kit: includes plastic sheeting that clings to vehicle and Scotchblue™ Delicate Surface painter's tape
    • The Application Kit makes protecting your vehicle's paint even easier.
    • Use with 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film to protect your car where it matters.
      • Contains 12 feet x 16 feet plastic sheeting and 0.94 inch x 20 yards masking tape.
      • Used for masking hoods, bumpers, fenders, mirrors, rockers, and more.
      • Allows you to choose the areas of your vehicle's paint to protect.
      • Helps protect other areas from overspray.
  • 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Trigger: comfortable handle allows you to apply pressure with full hand versus one finger, reducing hand fatigue
    • The Spray Trigger makes protecting your vehicle's paint even easier. Simply attach the trigger to the top of the 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film aerosol can for a clean, uniform application.
    • The comfortable grip allows you to use your entire hand to engage the trigger, reducing hand fatigue caused by smaller triggers.
      • Makes spraying easier.
      • Easy attachment to any aerosol can.
      • Comfortable handle eliminates hand fatigue.
      • For use with 3M Paint Defender Spray Film.








3M Paint Defender Application Kit and Spray Trigger




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